Talent Search comes up Trumps

Earlier this year, Mick George Ltd took the lead in a unique talent search, encouraging local entrepreneurs with what they believed to be ‘excellent business propositions’, to come forward for assistance.

The business claimed that they would provide the appropriate resources required to expose the full potential of said ideas’, if they felt that the concept justified.

As anticipated, the company was inundated with individuals looking to kick-start a venture, as well as more established SME’s trying to evolve. Having sifted through endless applications and proposals, a panel of representatives coherently concluded the first ‘diamond’ in the pack worth pursuing.

Step forward two quirky individuals from the organisations homeland, within the Cambridgeshire area, that were looking to propel Mick George Ltd in to the ‘cyber’ world of ‘Telecoms’.

Historically there have been many famous double-acts from various professions, Ant and Dec, Cannon and Ball, Wallace and Gromit, but it’s Ian Cleaver and Kevin Mott with a unique ‘Hosted’ cloud based communications solution, that Mick George Ltd have decided to pin their support too.

In assessing the core attributes of the two individuals, it’s clear to see how the partnership works and how each of their respective skillsets ‘dovetail’. What could possibly go wrong?!

telecoms mick george

Telecoms Directors

Ian, earlier in his lifetime occupied a footballing career playing in Australia, as well as for Rushden and Diamonds, more locally, before retreating back to his roots to fulfil what seems to be his destiny. Who questioned the intelligence of footballers?

With his father having worked for BT for over 45 years, Ian has an ‘ingrained knowledge’ of the ‘Telecoms’ industry, and it wasn’t long before he looked to emulate the family success when he immediately took a position for British Telecom after leaving school.

And so the journey began…. Since, Ian has managed to mature an all-encompassing commercial knowledge, having held a number of high level Sales and Marketing directorship positions, that have been focused on business development strategies, allowing for a more ‘holistic insight’ to what prospective clients require from a ‘Telecoms’ perspective.

‘Telecoms’ is a long-way from the comfort zone of the services usually associated with Mick George Ltd, but if anyone can assist with developing the fortunes of this business division, then Ian’s background suggests he’s the man. Having transformed Ivory Homecare from a start-up position, to a £5 million revenue business in just three years, demonstrating he has the experience to drive Mick George Telecom forward.

This is all well-and-good, and while Ian maybe the critical link to take this product to market, the need for more hands on experience is likely to be a necessity to make the proposition a success, which is where Kevin undoubtedly excels.

Having been directly employed within the ‘Telecoms’ sector for over 25 years in roles from Business Development Manager to Director level, what Kevin doesn’t know about the subject in question, quite frankly, isn’t worth knowing.

Kevin has provided related solutions too in excess of 2,500 companies, valuing an impressive £23 million. We’re not just talking your everyday businesses either, differing from small user sites, right up to large multi-site corporates, such as Virgin and Ford, Kevin is qualified to provide solutions served by all major manufacturers in the UK, including Siemens, Panasonic, Mitel, LG, Avaya, Cisco, and Toshiba to name a few.

After reading the former bio on Kevin, you may be forgiven in building a profile of Kevin that is stereotypical of ‘tech geek’, but it’s the constant change in technology that really drives him. The common characterisation of ‘boys and their toys’ springs to mind. Despite being a bit of a “geek” Kevin has refereed for over 25 years, officiating as high as the football league and is also a keen golfer, recording the longest hole in one at Hemmingford Abbots Golf Club in August 1993, on a par 4.

telecoms mick george

They Said:

Undeniably the two businessmen feel passionately about their concept, but naturally when you hold such avid emotions, then there is likely to be apprehension about sharing. Hence, why It was only after much deliberation that the two parties agreed that approaching Mick George Ltd was the best method for the notion to progress.

By their own admission, living and working in close proximity to Mick George’s core operating regions, made the decision a lot easier. Having witnessed the remarkable growth that the company has achieved, due to continuous investment, the resources at its disposal and the way in which the brand goes about its business, both Ian and Kevin envisage that the aspiration of substantially growing their Telecoms’ empire is more likely with such assistance, rather than attempting to tackle in isolation, with funds from restrictive capital investors’.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Everyday as a business we’re looking for innovation in one form or another, and that has been a major factor in our achievements and future forecasts. We have experienced the pain and the stress that building a business organically brings and understand the challenges and demands placed upon the shoulders of business owners.’’

Stump Continued: ‘’The initiative is to ensure good ideas aren’t wasted and that those who have created the concept are able to be credited for them. We believe that the ‘Telecoms’ initiative represents exactly what the ‘ideas factory’ was set up to achieve, and hence the investment we’ve made in to getting it off the ground. Both Ian and Kevin have quickly embraced the culture at Mick George, and I’m sure both are enjoying the challenge.’’