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2019 - 2020 Skip Challenge

Having tinkered with the Skip Challenge format in recent years, the half-time entertainment will have a new look for the 2019-2020 season, which will feature a mixture of the best elements from previous campaigns.

This year, it will be a two-team affair. Each team will have two participants, made up of adult and child, and can be formed in whatever relationship that suits – parent / guardian & son, daughter, nephew, niece, friend etc.

Each player will get two opportunities each to take it in turns to chip the ball in to the skip from a designated distance.

There’s more good news. This time around there will be guaranteed prize each week. Those who successfully complete the challenge will receive £100, but if no one manages to land the ball in the skip, then a selected winner (unanimously decided on the day) will take home the tickets for a forthcoming fixture or a choice of Club memorabilia.

For a chance to take part in the Skip Challenge, either complete the appropriate forms or make yourself visible at half-time when the stadium announcer is randomly selecting participants from around the ground.  

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