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Tax Free Landfill

Projects, developments, or refurbishments, call it what you will, one thing that inherently results from such upgrades, is incurred costs. By nature, things are likely to improve, so it is an expenditure viewed more as an investment, rather than a cost.

Although, just when you think you’ve accumulated all the fees associated with said works’, the ‘bitter pill to swallow’ follows, when unwanted charges persist at the point of disposal, especially in the case of Hazardous Waste that emerge from the majority of construction based projects.

The majority of operators that handle Hazardous Waste will pass on large costs to attain for landfill taxes that are sustained for their inability to recycle such materials. However Mick George Ltd’s capacity to remove, haul, dispose and importantly recycle, should be a considered option for those organisations or individuals that are looking to prevent, quite literally ‘burying profits it the ground’.

Put that in to context, the value of construction contracts awarded in the UK surpassed £70billion last year, and 12,000 individual projects. Of which, £23.6billion was dedicated to housebuilding, that has an increasing trend to use brownfield, opposed to greenfield sites, giving an understanding for the potential savings to be had.

Specifically in relation to contaminated land or soils, the companies state-of-the-art soil washing plant in Mepal, Cambridgeshire is licensed to treat contaminated materials, providing a sustainable diversion from landfill.

The soil washing process separates contaminated material using various wet-jetting processes during which, intensive washing takes place. Once complete, the clean material is classified according to size, with the finest fraction dewatered using a centrifuge. The process produces a WRAP approved aggregate, which can be used on site for backfill and other applications, hence the financial savings to be reaped by developers.

A whole array of materials can be treated, from soils, oily sludges, pile arising’s and railway ballast, through to treatment plant residues, river and lagoon dredgings and tunnel shaft components.

With over 35 years experience, Mick George Environmental provide a broad range of solutions, including site investigation, analysis at UKAS accredited labs, classification of chemical data, supply of certified aggregates, as well as a variety of treatment options, such as; Bio-Remediation, Soil Washing, Incineration and Dig and Dump.

soil washing

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’For many, even the most experienced brownfield site developers, let alone smaller operations, the assumption is that waste is exactly that, and once disposed of, that is the end of the line.’’

Stump continued: ‘’That doesn’t have to be the case, and experienced handlers like ourselves, will do what they can to recycle it, avoiding landfill and in turn effectively saving huge sums of money, which are passed on to clients.’’


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