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  1. WEEE recycling of WEEE Waste

    WEEE compliance fee for 2021

    Defra has launched a consultation on the compliance fee methodology for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) it will adopt for the current year.

  2. UK ‘loses’ £13m in critical raw materials each year

    WEEE Recycling

    In recent times, the topic of whether eco-design regulations are fit for purpose for plastics from waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), is attracting much interest.

  3. hardcore aggregates

    CO2 Quarry Waste

    Research to discover whether quarry waste can make a significant contribution in recovering carbon dioxide from the air when used in conjunction with new woodland creation, seem positive.

  4. Addressing WEEE Recycling

    Q2 WEEE data shows UK close to hitting targets

    The volume of WEEE collected in the UK fell slightly in the second quarter of 2021, compared to the first quarter, but the UK is nearly on track to meet annual targets

  5. Fluorescent Tube Disposal

    UK meeting portable battery recycling targets

    Statistics for the second quarter of 2021 suggest the UK is on track to meet its portable battery recycling target.

  6. UK ‘loses’ £13m in critical raw materials each year

    UK ‘loses’ £13m in critical raw materials each year

    The UK loses critical raw materials contained within waste electrical equipment (WEEE) and worth £13.64 million every year.

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