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  1. Kerbside Battery Collections Expected

    Kerbside Battery Collections Expected

    Team leader at Defra, Paul Hallett says that he expects the introduction of kerbside collections “in the longer term” in an attempt to drive portable battery recycling.

  2. UK Household Recycling Rate Falls 1.6% in 2020

    UK Household Recycling Rate Falls 1.6%

    The UK’s overall household recycling rate, including incinerator bottom ash (IBA) was 44.4% in 2020, dropping from 46.0% in 2019.

  3. SEPA Crackdown Highlights Scale of Waste Crime

    Scale of Waste Crime Highlighted

    Just over a quarter of of commercial waste vehicles stopped and checked during a Scottish Government clampdown were found to be unauthorised waste carriers.

  4. EFW tonnages increases 5% in 2021

    EFW tonnages increase 5.5% in 2021

    Energy from waste (EFW) plants in the UK processed 14.85 million tonnes of residual waste throughout 2021, which showed an increase of 800,000 tonnes (5.5%) from 2020.

  5. WAMITAB Qualified

    WAMITAB Qualified

    New to the Waste Industry and in fact, new to the world of full-time employment, Morgan Penfold has managed to achieve his WAMITAB qualification just one-year on since settling into his new career.

  6. Waste reduction to see ‘treatment costs of £3.6bn’

    Waste reduction to see ‘treatment costs of £3.6bn’

    Future costs and impacts from the government’s plans for a 50% reduction in residual waste by 2042 have been explained

  7. Fly Tipping Concerns

    Fly Tipping Concerns

    Industry experts are developing concerns about the unintended consequences of the government’s fly-tipping consultation.

  8. Waste reduction to see ‘treatment costs of £3.6bn’

    PAS 402 Accreditation

    Following a recent report, the importance of construction materials sourced from the sea is highlighted.

  9. Defra mulling reuse target for wood pallets

    Possible Re-Use Wood Pallet Regulations

    Waste wood stakeholders to discuss placing reuse targets for wood pallets.

  10. Recyclers criticize proposed end to waste exports

    Recycling Sector Critical of Proposal to End Waste Exports

    Recyclers from across the sector have dismissed a proposed ending of waste exports brought forward by the chief executive of the Environment Agency.

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