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  1. recycling equipment image

    Waste Labelling

    The government is being called on to include a single design approach for recycling labels, something the Mick George Group support as they help improve Waste Management procedures.

  2. recycling equipment image

    Recycled plastic prices at historic highs

    The Bureau of International Recycling says prices of recycled plastics have increased to “historically high” levels globally.

  3. Recycling obligations to rise for 2021

    Packaging specialists have welcomed the publication of recycling obligation figures for 2021 on the National Packaging Waste Database.

  4. Electrical recycling campaign launched

    Material Change has introduced the Recycle Your Electricals campaign to prevent waste electricals from being sent to landfill or incinerators in the UK.

  5. Call for stronger commitment to recycling

    There have been calls for stronger commitment and collaboration amongst businesses in the industry to embrace recycled products.

  6. Defra Launches Waste Prevention Programme

    A consultation was launched by the UK Government’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on this year’s Global Recycling Day.

  7. Building a home cinema in your garden

    Building a cinema in your back garden has never been simpler!

  8. hazardous solutions image

    Hazardous Waste Solutions

    Experts in the Waste Management field for over 40-years, the Mick George Group has launched a dedicated Hazardous Solutions Division that guarantees to satisfy all your Hazardous Waste requirements.

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