St. Neots Lawn Tennis Club

Members and visitors of St. Neots Lawn Tennis Club that have temporarily been making the longer trip to Buckden in recent months to enjoy recreational tennis will be glad to learn that they can now return to their more common and nearer surroundings on St. Anselm Place.

The playing facilities at St. Neots Lawn Tennis Club re-opened last week with all associated with the Club benefitting from the much-improved surfaces that have been installed on the Club’s four all-weather hard courts.

The courts which were last re-laid back in 1998 were showing severe signs of wear, cracks and historic settlement. Thanks to a considerable £42,000 investment, helped by a £22,000 grant from local construction specialist Mick George Ltd, these problems have been addressed and a new porous macadam surface for all-year round use.

The upgrades at the location aren’t due to stop their either. Replacement sight screens and fencing are already arranged for later this year, and a redesign of the clubhouse to accommodate disabled users are also being planned.

The volunteer run establishment provides residents of all ages and ability the opportunity to participate in social, competitive and coached tennis programmes.

st. neots lawn tennis club

They said:

J.R George, Honorary Secretary at St. Neots Lawn Tennis Club said: ‘’Without the funds from Mick George Ltd, it is likely that the project wouldn’t have gone ahead so we’re extremely grateful for their generosity.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd: ‘’In recent times we have assisted with various sporting initiatives in the St. Neots area. Football, cricket and swimming clubs have each received financial support from our Community Fund, so it’s nice to spread the rewards to a potentially new audience.’’