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13.05.2016 - St. Ives Park and Ride is Blooming thanks to Mick George Ltd

The entrance to St. Ives Park and Ride has been given a new lease of life as we head into the summer period thanks to assistance from Mick George Ltd. Having sponsored the main planters on site last year, the business has helped improve the planters that line the main thoroughfare in to the car park, significantly improving the ambience and visual appearance.

St. Ives in Bloom Committee is a volunteer lead initiative that has been seeking support for the development. In total, 12 large planters were cleared of Ivy and Brambles, before being filled with Topsoil ahead of the plantation. To complete the project, Gravel was utilised to mulch around the plants, providing a little added decorative inspiration. Informative signage has also been added to inform visitors on the planting design and sponsorship received to aid the construction.

Secretary, St. Ives in Bloom Committee said: ‘’We would like to thank Mick George Ltd for their on-going support. The materials provided have been vital in completing the project and saving money. The office support staff have been extremely accommodating with our requirements and the delivery drivers were very helpful positioning the materials to ease the installation for the volunteers.’’

The project is estimated to cost in the region of £6,000. In addition, Mick George Ltd supplied 4 Skips, 19 tonnes of Topsoil and 6 tonnes of Gravel.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The Park and Ride is an important and busy facility that supports many local residents commuting to and from Cambridge The visual transformation on site is remarkable and makes the experience a far more enjoyable one for those using it.’’

Stump continued: ‘’The volunteers have done a splendid job. This is the second year we have supported the initiative as it is nice to give a little back to the local community.’’ 


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