Power Tools

Power tools are an important item for a range of DIY and trade projects, helping people get what they need done more quickly and effectively.

Now, as part of Mick George’s involvement with the national consumer campaign Real Deals for You, we’re selling a selection of power tool products and accessories at prices we are sure you will find particularly fair and reasonable.

Our aim is to deliver more products to our customers at reasonable, fair prices rather than charging through the roof.

Included in the selection of power tools we are selling as part of our involvement with Real Deals for You are combi drills, pressure washers, cordless multi tool kits and blade sets that can be used across a number of projects to help work get done quickly and effectively.

There are also drill bit sets, flat bit sets and packs of impact bits available from Mick George at great prices.

The range of power tool products available from Mick George includes items from leading suppliers, including Faithfull, Dewalt, Irwin, Karcher, Einhell and more.

Be sure to pick up a great buy from Mick George today. You can also sign up for an account with us today.

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