At Mick George, we appreciate the need for DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople to have access to high-quality products without having to break the bank.

This is why we’ve got involved with Real Deals for You – a nationwide consumer campaign that aims to deliver products from leading brands to the public at reasonable, low prices.

We’ve included a host of lighting products in our selection in order to give our customers a wide array of items on which they can save.

There are LED rechargeable folding worklights, LED task lights and Tripod Site lights available within our selection of Real Deals for You lighting products.

We also include power inspection lights, rechargeable head torches, and traditional torches that can be used for a selection of projects and tasks.

Our selection of lighting products that are included in Mick George’s Real Deals for You campaign comes from leading suppliers, including Faithfull and Lighthouse.

As well as lighting products, you can pick up hand tools, power tools and essential items as part of our Real Deals for You campaign. And you can sign up for an account with Mick George today. 

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