Mick George is now an official Real Deals for You approved stockist. That means that not only are we delivering high-quality items to the workers and people that need it most, but we’re doing so at prices that are fair to the customer.

As part of our involvement with the Real Deals for You campaign, we’ve made a host of essential items more affordable, allowing our customers to get hold of high-quality products for less.

The selection of essential products that we have included in our Real Deals for You campaign covers items from a large number of leading manufacturers, including Stanley, Faithfull, Duracell and more.

Within the essential range of Real Deal for You products are items such as ladders, tape, screw cases, tool bags and cable reel.

We also include a number of battery packs, tape measures, spirit levels, hatchets and more.

The Real Deals for You offer not only covers essential items but a host of other areas, including hand tools, power tools, lighting products and workwear, so be sure to take a look through our full range and find great, low-priced items from Mick George today.

You can also sign up for an account with us today and make it easier to buy from Mick George moving forwards.

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