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Soil Stabilisation has many attractions in today's construction market.

Cost and environmental benefits figure largely in the appeal of the soil modification process which enables granular and cohesive soils to be upgraded by the in-situ mixing of binders with the host material.

We provide provisions suitable for light, dry and structurally weak soil that is geo-technically unsuitable for construction. Our solutions can create a superior working platform and help save time and money.

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Typical applications of soil stabilisation include:

- Waterlogged site (rapid reduction of moisture content)
- Car and lorry parks
- Foundations for floor slabs
- Highway pavement construction
- Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
- Reclamation and remediation of contaminated land

There are three levels of treatment in the soil stabilising process:

- Modification / Improvement: This is the reduction of high moisture content in otherwise acceptable materials to enable the excavation, placing and compaction of general fill. This is commonly done by the introduction of small amounts of quicklime.

- Stabilising: The mixing of binders and water with the host material to give a lightly cemented product with long term strength and durability.

- Enhanced Stabilising: This is a development of stabilising, giving a higher quality material with better performance. More stringent design requirements and tighter on-site control and testing.

Soil Stabilisation using lime, cement or other binders, reducing the need for weak soil to be removed from a site.

Stabilising the existing ground in-situ can eliminate the need for replacement aggregate materials, as well as disposal of said soils.

We are ideally placed to offer advice and assistance in all forms of ground remediation, from stabilisation and bio-remediation through to soil washing and traditional ‘dig and dump’ techniques.

Benefits of Soil Stabilisation include:
- Shorter construction times and lower costs
- Conversion of unsuitable materials 
- Reduction of soil moisture content and an increase in workability


With increasing pressure to build more sustainably and find more solutions for brownfield development, the use of stabilised materials is becoming increasingly important. Mick George Ltd provided us with an efficient Soil Stabilisation option, that was more than adequate for our requirements.

Case Study

Housing Development
Hampton Gardens, Peterborough
Persimmon PLC

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