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In general there are two types of Skips to choose from - for Home and Garden waste, either an Inert waste Skip or General waste Skip.

- Inert Waste Skip are generally for outdoor materials such as, bricks, tiles, concrete, ceramics, soil, clays, sub-soil, top-soil, or hardcore mix (less than 10% tarmac). Inert, Hardcore or Soil Only Waste Skips are only available for 4 Yard and 6 Yard skips.

Whereas, General waste Skips accept all of the above materials (with the exception of 12, 16, 20 and 40 Yards) plus those standard household materials such as metals, plastics, wood or plasterboard. Doors, Baths, taps and Worktops and many other items can be disposed of.

Please note: A 6 Yard skip is the maximum size  for inert, hardcore or soil waste, only. Any Skip that is larger, 8 Yard or above, cannot be fully loaded with hardcore and, or soil. These materials must be mixed with other lighter materials due to weight restrictions.

Fridges, TV’s, monitors, tyres or hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents, liquids or batteries are not permitted within Skips. However, we do also offer a range of hazardous waste disposal services, including asbestos bags.

What can I put in a General skip?

skip materials

What cannot go in a General skip?

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What can I put in a NON General Skip?

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Waste Types

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