Asbestos Bags

Asbestos Bags

Asbestos is not something anybody wants in close proximity. When working on a building that does contain asbestos, it’s important you have the suitable tools and equipment to hand in order to dispose of this potentially harmful substance in a quick, safe manner.

At Mick George, we have useful asbestos bags that can help you dispose of harmful asbestos effectively. These bags offer a cost efficient way to handle asbestos disposal, particularly when dealing with smaller volumes of asbestos.

With a tough, durable design, our asbestos bags are made of woven polypropylene. That means they are easily capable of dealing with up to 500kg of asbestos waste, allowing you to progress quickly with any asbestos removal progress.

The bags’ opening is a large flap. That means breaking larger sheets is not necessary.

Each side of Mick George’s asbestos bags contains multiple sides. That means waste containment is to the highest levels, protecting from any unwanted harm caused by the asbestos material.

Convenient loops also make these bags very manoeuvrable, and can be easily lifted with a forklift for example.

As part of our excellent customer service, we will deliver any asbestos bags you order to you, and then collect them once full to dispose of safely. We have facilities available to safely dispose of asbestos waste, and we have staff that are highly trained to help us meet industry regulations.

If an asbestos waste bag may not be large enough for your requirements, take a look at our asbestos skip hire page.

Be sure to take a look through our waste bag offerings too, and don’t forget our wider skip hire services.

And if you have any questions about our services or products, please get in touch with the Mick George team.

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  1. Asbestos Bag
    Asbestos Bag

    Asbestos Bags are a fast, safe, easy and economical way to dispose of smaller loads of unwanted asbestos.

    Note: They are for Cement Bonded Asbestos Sheets only 

    £390.00 £325.00 per Bag
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