Football Shooting - Skills School

Mick George in association with Peterborough United FC have combined to deliver a skills school, to show various football techniques. This episode looks at the best way to shoot.

Ryan Semple, coach at Peterbrough United FC and former player, as well as a few of the clubs academy players provide detailed examples and methods to shoot and score plenty of goals.

Practice Techniques

It is advisable when practicing to shoot from a moving ball situation that you get someone to pass the ball in to your path.

Try doing this in various situations, as you won't always receive the perfect pass in a match. Receive at different heights, speeds and positions in respect of the goal posts.

Alternatively, you can practice from a 'dead-ball' position on your own. 

Tips and Advice

Similar to passing the ball short or long distances, many of the techniques remain.

To gain balance, plant your non-kicking foot adacent to the ball and direct your body at the target, keeping your knee over the ball to ensure it doesn't gain to much height.

If striking further away from goal, use your laces and follow through. However, if you're closer to goal and require more accuracy, then you may favor using your instep to swerve the ball slightly.