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Service, Service, Service

Love him or loathe him, when the iconic Welsh entrepreneur Neville Wilshire appeared on our screens a couple of years back, with his reality ‘Call Centre’ TV show, he certainly left a lasting memory, and more than likely a changed perception for everything associated with the service in question.

Despite his controversial terminology, what can’t be questioned is the undoubted business acumen that Nev’ applied on his way to running a hugely successful operation, one which many organisations have attempted to replicate, at least in part, since the programmes airing.

The ‘Call Centre’ function is prevalent in many companies, but its importance is often overlooked. At Mick George Ltd, that certainly isn’t the case as the department takes ‘center stage’, and could be perceived as the vital cog within a developing empire, hence the continuous investment to prompt improvement.

Customer Service

That said, they’re very much more than just telephone operatives. Termed ‘Customer Service Representatives’, the team are as much customer facing as those employees who take to the road, physically visiting potential or existing clients.

Without exaggeration, 18 months back, the business in its entirety was taking 16,000 calls monthly, which may be considered acceptable, but fast forward to the present day and that figure has extrapolated 275%, now receiving 60,000 calls per month, and growing.

Formerly a team of just 5, the number has considerably grown to 40. However, the disciplines associated with the job role have somewhat evolved, now incorporating traditional customer service, order processing, and even a dedicated outbound team, aptly named ‘Propel’.

As with all’ walks-of-life’, a team’s success is likely to be consequential to the management and guidance provided along the way, and for this reason, various supervisor, team leader and training positions have also been created.

Jade Wild, ‘Customer Service Team Leader’, is responsible for everything attributed with performance related KPI’s, from product or service knowledge, training guides, call quality monitoring, engagement techniques, right through to less tangible assets such as keeping the general atmosphere upbeat.

The diverse occupation, although a challenging one, definitely offers high satisfaction. Wild, who has held a longstanding career in the ‘customer service’ industry, from Insurance, Public Houses and Restaurants, commented:

‘’The nature of the role means that the team are often the first port of call for all customer enquiries, However, it is a reflection of the high standards that the business sets, fortunately much of the correspondence that we have with clients is of a positive nature. Our team thrive on delivering exceptional customer service, and this is something that sets us apart from competition, resulting in complements for the all-round experience.'' 

The assortment of services that Mick George Ltd now offer, across Contracting, Trade and Residential clients, makes it all the more exciting. Although the large majority of incoming enquiries will be related to Skip Hire, the range is dramatically spread across Demolition, Commercial Waste, Concrete, and even Home and Garden products, to name just a few. Not limited to telephone either, with the online chat feature also incorporated, it just adds another dimension to an already exciting prospect.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd stated: ‘’Our Customer Service function is the heartbeat of the business. They are often the first people that our customers come in to contact with, and could be the difference between selling and not. Likewise, they are sometimes exposed to situations, both good and bad before anyone else, and therefore we rely on their feedback to develop or react accordingly.’’

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