Sacrewell Farm Camp

Sacrewell Farm, is one of the region’s most popular visitor destinations for both young and old, providing in excess of 100,000 guests each year with a diverse range of leisure activities to enjoy.

Part of the William Scott Abbott Trust, the multi-award winning 18th century attraction has dramatically developed over time, playing host to a variety of scenery, ranging from farming, agricultural, heritage, countryside and entertainment dwellings.

Seeking to combine each of the elements, the trust managed to seek funding to a value of £21,240 from the Mick George Community Fund, to create a Farm Camp with residential accommodation, further improving its existing Camping provisions available to the public.

Now installed, the Farms’ principal aim is to provide agricultural education, rural appreciation of the countryside, and practical experiences that enables children and adults to enthusiastically engage in farm based activities.

To achieve such objectives, a whole host of actions have been planned. Focused on food and farming, tasks will include planting, foraging, baking, collecting eggs and animal feed sessions, as well as more general development of teamwork and responsibility skill-sets.

The Farm Camp’ creation consists of 25 huge ball-tents, wood burners, tables, benches, crockery sets and chicken coops.

Early stages perhaps, but already the initiative appears to have been well received ahead of the official unveiling in July. The first school, Ravensthorpe Primary, is already booked in, with commitment from a number of other similar organisations wanting to attend for a week’s residential.

sacrewell farm camp

They said:

Nikki Cherry, Engagement Manager at Sacrewell Farm stated: ‘’Farm Camp is Screwell’s flagship programme, embodying charitable aims of the William Scott Abbott Trust. A lot of planning and careful consideration has gone in to developing the concept, all of which will consequently contribute to wider, national learning objectives. We are extremely grateful of the generous donation from Mick George Ltd enabling the project.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Although we have been involved with a number of wood’, forestry or conservation based projects historically, this is the first of such nature. The project is certainly an exciting one, and one with proven educational purpose, across a multitude of areas.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Sacrewell Farm is somewhere many of our customers will have visited, or frequently visit, and anything we can do to help advance the amenity would always be welcomed. Located not too far from one of our operating sites, we recognise just how desirable the Farm is.’’