Rushton Church Security

In the past six months, there have been more than twelve thefts of lead from church roofs in Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. This has prompted the Parochial Church Council of All Saints Rushton to install extra security precautions to prevent similar occurrences on their facilities.

The existing lead roof on the Rushton church building is considered extremely vulnerable given the relative ‘scrap’ value attributed to the material.

Thanks to a £6,670 grant from local construction business Mick George Ltd, the parish council has implemented a brand-new roof CCTV security system, as well as a five-year annual maintenance plan with remote 24hr monitoring.

Not only will the new security measures deter the likelihood of theft, but if in the unfortunate case that it did occur, then a full repair / replacement cost would be redeemable from insurers. Without the cameras, only the initial £5,000 of any claim is accessible, which would go a short way towards the estimated £40,000 value for the lead on just one of the roofs.

Further improvements to this 13th Century building are also being formulated. Courtesy of the increasing use of the location for religious, public and social services, such as weddings, exhibitions and concerts, upgrades are planned to the kitchen, serving and toilet facilities.

rushton church security

They said:

Kevin Abraham, Parochial Church Council of All Saints Rushton said: ‘’We now have peace of mind knowing that there is 24-hour monitoring of the location to help protect against any acts of theft or damage.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We have a longstanding relationship with the local residents and community in the Rushton area due to our nearby site. We are extremely grateful for their support and would wherever feasible look to assist in developing the amenities at their disposal.’’