Royal Papworth Hospital - Patient and Community Sanctuary

Having relocated to Cambridge Biomedical Campus only last month, a project which is seen to play an informal role in determining a patient’s suitability to be discharged from the new Royal Papworth Hospital has been completed.

Co-funded by local construction firm Mick George Ltd, the new ‘Patient and Community Sanctuary’ represents a £235,000 investment and is seen to bring a vital component of the rich history of Royal Papworth Hospital to the new site.

Historically, the original pond at the Papworth Everards setting not only proved a haven for wildlife, it was also used as ‘novel’ yardstick in challenging patients to complete two circuits of the pond to distinguish if they were ‘well’ enough to leave the hospitals care.

The new pond and open green space located to the west side of the new hospital provides beautiful views and a calming atmosphere for both patients and their families, whilst also offering a suitable environment for charity led events such as Staff Celebration Afternoon, Papworth Picnics and Paces for Papworth.

While the primary concern of the new ‘Sanctuary’ is to serve hospital patients and families, the new amenity will also contribute to the local art strategy, featuring works of local artists, as well as a critical water source for Cambridge’s Botanical Garden.

Royal Papworth Hospital is the UK’s leading heart and lung hospital that treats more than 100,000 patients each year, gaining an international reputation for its innovation and research specialisations.

Royal Papworth Hospital - Patient and Community Sanctuary

They said:

Maxine Taylor, Partnerships Manager at Royal Papworth Charity said: ‘’The Community Sanctuary Project has already begun to help to integrate Royal Papworth Hospital into our new community. The outdoor furniture has added a real sense of community as people have come to gather and enjoy meals, coffees and even take meetings outside.

We couldn’t have delivered this project without the support of the Mick George Community Fund. Together we have created a place which is welcoming, relaxing and offers a comfortable, safe place for visitors to the site to appreciate.’’

Jon Stump, Joint CEO at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Having been fortunate enough to visit the site during its creation, it’s very evident that no stone has been left unturned with regards to ensuring the facility is of extremely high standards. Although early days, the results seem to be fantastic.

We’re very proud to have played a role in helping to produce a vibrant setting that will be used and enjoyed by all patients, staff and visitors to the new Royal Papworth Hospital for generations to come.’’