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11.07.2016 - Rock and Roll fever hits St. Ives

As anticipated, the reawakening of the St. Ives Carnival having lapsed since its last appearance back in 2013 was bigger and better than ever before. The event which was formally staged over the weekend prior to the local school holidays had a new look format this time around with a second day added for pop and rock music in the park.

In addition to the extension, the Carnival also had a new location at Hill Rise Park, St. Ives which proved a huge success, allowing for larger crowds, greater fun-fair attractions, general entertainment provisions and a concert like atmosphere.

A wash with the normal floats, stands and stalls that you would come to expect, the aroma of candy-floss and fast food filled the air as visitors continued to enjoy the occasion. The main event was a joy to behold, with the ‘procession’ in full swing, on-lookers could do nothing other than stand and admire the efforts that had been put in by all involved.

The ‘procession’ concluded with a greeting from the Mayor and Mayorees of St. Ives, judging the best floats, before awarding trophies and rosettes to the winners. All that remained was for the party to kick in to full swing, with live performances from local dance groups, singers and the like.

A number of local businesses, charities and authorities played their part in the event, helping to support and fund. One of which was Mick George Ltd, who provided numerous bins and skips to ensure the town remained tidy following the inevitable waste that was created from the thousands of visitors in attendance.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’There is a tremendous sense of community togetherness at events such as this. Having had our head office in St. Ives for long periods, and still operating from the town daily, we still feel very much part of that and are also grateful for the support we’ve received from local residents throughout. We are always keen to give a little something back where we can.’’ 


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