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Mick George Eco Range

How to alleviate the on-going environmental dilemma’s that exist globally is a continuous debate that isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

Although no changes in isolation are likely to solve the problems, collectively we can all do our part to at least improve the situation.

One company where that notion is firmly engrained, is local construction company Mick George Ltd who tailor many of it’s core services towards environmentally friendly solutions. This is particularly prevalent within its Waste Management offering, for which it continues to make impressive advancements to meet such objectives.

This mission has now extrapolated in to the organisations ‘Retail’ division with the launch of a dedicated ‘Eco’ product range. The benefits of such a collection are two-fold. Not only will they help the environment, but they’re likely to prove advantageous when it comes to financial expenditure too.

Household bills are largely made up of utility charges, so now is the time to cut those costs and move towards the ‘energy efficient’ alternatives that all major manufacturers are providing.

mick george eco range


Technological advancements mean that savings can be made all over the home, and even beyond.

- When lighting your home, why not switch to LED’s? They provide arguably brighter, more stylish and longer lasting performance, whilst offering up to 85% savings on traditional lighting options.

- Intelirad’s are all the rage when it comes to heating your property. In the sever winter conditions that we’re currently experiencing, the ability for your radiators to automatically respond accordingly must be a plus. Whatever your desired temperature, the thermostat can even be adjusted with audio controls. Alternatively, eradicate the need for radiators altogether and turn to ‘Coffee Logs’. Made from coffee beans, not only do they smell great, but no fuels are being burnt for the purpose.

- Water supply around the home comes in multiple formats, but whether it’s through a sink tap, bath or shower, you can make changes that will benefit financially without depreciating the performance. EcoSmart Showers typically run at 9 litres per minute (and taps 5lpm), but the aerating ‘raindance’ technology reduces flow rate without lowering the pressure. Equally, the infrared sensor feature means that no excess water is wasted, while achieving practical and hygienic benefits.

- Environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be confined within your property either. Switch to an Electric Vehicle and save huge amounts on fuel. The latest models have the ability to travel the same distances as the traditional Petrol or Diesel alternatives. What’s more, there is no longer then need to make laborious trips to the fuel station to fill up. Charge from the comfort of your home.

Alex Broughton, Digital Business Development Manager commented: ‘’Our Eco range is merely an extension to the 40,000 products that we already supply online, predominantly aimed at home, garden and DIY enthusiasts, residential or trade.’’

Broughton continued: ‘’The online product range arose to meet demand and feedback from our customers. The Eco range is no different, and we will continue to adapt our offering accordingly.’’


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