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While much of the media focus on China’s impending Plastic import ban is geared towards authorities, industry professionals, and recycling companies, it will inevitably have a consequence on all waste producers further down the line, commercial and residential.

Perhaps not as far in the future as you might expect either. We’ve already seen subsidies charged for consumables such as plastic bags, and contingencies are currently being discussed to apply similar strategies for Coffee Cups and Drinks Bottles, to improve the on-going dilemma.

While these specific commodities might not be relevant to all business operators, it is only a matter of time before attention is switched to other products that will be. For that reason, it is essential that plans are devised for managing waste that will be sustainable in the future.

This is no longer simply restricted to segregating waste types. Specialist Waste Management suppliers will be genuinely looking to reduce your waste costs, while improving efficiencies and providing income streams from valuable recyclable commodities.

Mick George Ltd now offer a range of solutions suitable for different organisations. Their comprehensive selection of waste Balers and Compactors, to buy or rent are designed to reduce the amount of space occupied on premises, as well as saving money on waste collection and handling costs, and the environmental impact.

The Balers are designed to prepare recyclables into financially valuable wire-bound bales ready for collection. The smaller vertical Mill Size Baler is a more manual option, while the Semi-Automatic, horizontal Baler may be more favourable alternative for the less labour-intensive choice.

Waste Compactors will compress general waste materials together that are unable to be baled, to ease handling and preventing the need for large or multiple containers, as well as reducing unnecessary waste collections. Available in static and Mobile design, the Open Hopper, Bin Lift or Skip and RoRo Compactor could be ideal.

Essentially, the aforementioned allows your business to improve its carbon footprint by diverting waste from landfill. Baled waste can earn you a rebate. Mick George Ltd pay top prices for regular supplies of recycled materials, including cardboard and paper.

The influential personnel in the environmental field are working tirelessly to find alternative markets for recycled materials such as plastic. If these are not sought quickly, it will inevitably end up in landfill, at an unfavourable cost that is likely to be passed on to producers. Do your part to prevent this!

recycling equipment

They said:

Neil Johnson, Technical Waste Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The decision to provide Compactors and Balers to clients is an extension to our Recycling division. The sector is quickly evolving and we’re keen to ensure our offering does likewise to keep pace with the momentum to relieve some of the wider environmental issues that the world faces.’’