Recreational Improvements in Rushton

Back in 2011, the quiet village of Rushton in Northamptonshire was given a boost thanks to the installation of an exciting play area which recreational facilities for youngsters in the community to enjoy.

Mick George Ltd was one of the participating funders of the project, working alongside the local parish council and residents to form a much welcomed addition to the local neighbourhood.

Recreational Improvements

Four years on and Mick George Ltd have provided another grant of £6,787 for further improvements to the amenity, which has seen pedestrian access routes, benches and gates constructed to make the area a safer and more welcoming place to visit.  

Richard Reed, Rushton Parish Council Clerk said: ‘’The project has markedly improved the access to the site and resulted in the already very popular recreation ground attracting even more visitors”.

Mick George Ltd who have a site based in Rushton, award community grants to a wide variety of initiatives that are located in the vicinity of its operating sites in Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire. The Community Fund provides up to £200,000 each year for projects that deliver significant benefits and provide better community amenities.  

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The Rushton site is one of our biggest in terms of the variety of services we offer from that location. We are always mindful of the local community when operating or making decisions that will inevitably impact. The relationship that we’ve formed with the Rushton Parish Council and local residents is something we are particularly keen to develop. It is clear to see how well the play area was received, so we wanted to maintain and progress the facility where possible’’.  

Stump continued: ‘’The scheme has proven invaluable to many local communities, helping to create, restore and protect a whole array of landmarks and projects. Since 2010 when the programme was launched, £910,000 has been invested in over thirty individual developments.’’


Charity of the year
We are so grateful that the team at Mick George Ltd chose to help us with this project. Patients, visitors and staff alike will get a great deal of benefit from the garden and we are excited to see it blossom in the months and years to come.
Stephen Davies, Chief Executive of Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust