Real Deals For You

We’re always looking to provide the best-quality products and tools to meet our customers’ needs.

Being able to offer these products at lower, discounted prices is something we know our customers will like. 

We are now a Real Deals for You Approved Stockist! As such, we have introduced discounts on a wide range of top quality hand tools, power tools, workwear and accessories to help our customers find exactly what they want at prices they will love.

You can take advantage of a host of discounted products, including:

- Spanner Sets
- Folding Knives
- Screwdriver Sets
- Multi Tool Blade Sets
- Safety Boots
- Task Lights

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* T&C's apply: Offers are online only and not in conjunction with any other promotions. Discounts only apply to stated product range and all end Dec 31st, 2018

real deals for you