Rapid Testing Video

Accurately classifying waste soils and the segregation of contamination hotspots has always been difficult.

Traditional site investigation and laboratory testing methods often mean sampling is too wide ranging and time consuming. This often results in contractors having to guesstimate where contamination exists. Underestimating the issue poses risk, whereas overestimating costs money.

Mick George’s ability to rapidly measure for contamination on site including Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) and Metals, puts an end to how and where to segregate hotspots. We are able to give chemical results on site in a matter of seconds, meaning hotspots can be identified accurately.

Mick George has the capability to analyse samples every 15 minutes, permitting the delineation of contaminated hotspots immediately. In effect, an entire site can be analysed in a single day, saving time and money.

This results in improved compliance, reduction in unnecessary waste removal and significant cost savings!

Remember, the withdrawal of RPS 211 in October means operators handling excavated waste in any capacity and regardless of volume will be required to classify their waste.

Our rapid testing solutions are encouraged by accredited bodies such as the Environment Agency.

Our rapid testing solutions have been used on many high profile projects, far and wide, including Crossrail projects, The London Olympics site and The Thames Tideway project.

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