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27.05.2016 - Railway Sleeper Raised Beds

Get ready for the SUMMER!

Railway sleepers are a quick, simple and practical way to construct a Raised Bed for your stunning plant and flower garden arrangements. Offering a strong, long lasting and attractive rustic appearance, the Sleepers will be a great added feature to any garden.

7 Easy Steps How to…….

1. Clear existing vegetation and level the ground – Use a Skip to dispose of excess waste.

2. Lay the Sleepers in position – Cut the sleepers to length and lay in position with the corners touching at 90 degrees, before marking with a Chalk Line. It is advisable that the bed is no wider than 1.2m to comfortably access from both sides.

3. Dig a foundation – Temporarily remove the Sleepers and dig out footings for the first layer of Sleepers to sit within. This should be approximately half the depth of the Sleeper. For stability, add a Concrete base (this is optional). 

4. Lay Sleeper base – Place the bottom layer of sleepers in to the footings and screw them together at the corner allowing 50mm of the screw in to the adjoining Sleeper.

5. Prepare Additional Tiers – Drill holes in the Sleepers at 1m intervals, approximately 25mm wide by 75mm deep before tapping 150mm dowels in to the holes. Replicate the hole positioning on the 2nd tier of Sleepers (and any subsequent tiers) before stacking on top, creating an interlocked Raised Bed.

6. Attach Membrane – Tack a plastic sheet to the inside of the Raised Bed to create a barrier between the wet soil and Railway Sleeper.

7. Fill with Soil – Add Hardcore to the base for drainage, before installing Soil or Compost ready for your plantation.

Materials Required –
- Skip - Sleepers - Concrete - Screws & Dowel - Hardcore - Membrane - Soil & Compost - Decorative Stone

Micks Handy Tips – Why not supplement your beautiful new flower beds with some Decorative Stone to add those all important extra touches.


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