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Quorn Community Garden making Progress


After 25 years of neglect, a derelict stretch of land in Quorn, Leicestershire has been accumulating unwanted debris, turning what was previously a pleasant environment for local residents to enjoy, in to somewhat of an eyesore.

The development which began almost 2 years back, after the land was purchased by the Quorn Parish Council had initially set out to transform the location in to allotments. However, after much deliberation it was felt that this need was already satisfied nearby, and a Summer Meadow with an attractive footpath separating from the recently designated nature reserve being leased to Rutland Wildlife Trust was a suitable alternative.

A ‘project group’ of likeminded volunteers was established, which instantly set to work with the intention of renewing the affection this location once received, giving it a makeover to install a new ‘community garden’. The thick undergrowth that stood some 7ft high, densely covering this large section of terrain was removed, providing a clear plot open to the public, ready for tree planting, orchard and shrub plantations, and seating.

The development has enjoyed the support of Community Payback labour and local construction business Mick George Ltd, who has provided numerous free Skips to help clear the vast quantity of differing waste types collected from the site.

David Cawdell, project leader said: ‘’There has been an enormous amount of cleaning work done. We are extremely grateful for the wonderful generosity of Mick George Ltd with its ongoing contribution towards green community projects, the donation has helped complete the initial phase of the project.’’

This area of natural reclaimed Quorn will offer a more pleasant route to school and work, for walkers and students alike, thanks to the new footpath creation.

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The work we do in the community is something we are very proud of, and specifically an area we look to engage. Leicestershire is a relatively new region for us, but certainly one we’re hoping to offer assistance to local projects wherever we can.’’

Stump continued: ‘’This offering is an extension to our core services, whether it be Skip Hire, Concrete or Home and Garden, we’re looking to build positive relationships with the local community.’’

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