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Concrete Gravel Board – for Recessed Posts

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Product Information

Product Information

Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards

This concrete gravel board is ideal for use with recessed posts. Each 3m board has a slot at either end to line up with the recessed posts, pre-cast holes; they also have a hole in the centre of the board, should you wish to install another post. We suggest using the M10 220mm bolts.

Dimensions: 3000 x 150 x 50mm

Gravel boards help your fence last much longer than it would without one. They work by protecting the bottom of the panels from ground moisture, which can naturally cause the timber to rot. You also gain extra protection with a concrete gravel board as they cannot rot like the timber alternatives.

All our concrete fencing products are steel reinforced for extra strength. They are an excellent alternative to timber gravel boards, ideal for windy areas where you want extra peace of mind.

Keep your fence panels off the ground and extend their lifespan with a British Standard approved concrete gravel board! Lift your fence by 150mm (6 inches), and provide a solid foundation from which to build your own fencing system.

These boards are concrete, with one smooth side, and one flat side.

When choosing a concrete gravel board it is important to make sure you buy the correct board. These concrete gravel boards are available in one length, 3000mm (10ft). They are NOT appropriate for use with any of our timber fence panels, instead, being designed for use with our concrete recessed posts and individual timber pieces.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

This product is typically delivered within 7-15 working days* (estimate only). 

You will receive a notification within 24hrs of delivery. All our Timber range products will be delivered by 3rd party vehicles. 

Kerbside delivery applies as standard, but we will typically try to deliver to your front garden or driveway – We will leave the product in a safe location adjacent to the main roadway, but off of any public highways.  

 Within our core delivery areas, the delivery charges are below.

  • Spend up to £120 inc. vat on our Timber range for a delivery fee of £29.99.
  • Spend over £120 inc. vat on our Timber range for a reduced delivery fee of £9.99
  • Spend over £200 inc. vat on our Timber range for FREE delivery!

Outside of our core delivery areas the following delivery charges apply. 

Zone 1: £35 inc. vat 

Zone 2: £45 inc. vat 

For more information on our delivery charges and zonal areas, please visit our Timber Delivery Information. 

Regional delivery restrictions apply, check our postcode checker to confirm availability.

**If a delivery scheduled is to a gated community, this will need to be communicated to us in advance and access provided. Where restricted access applies, if waiting times are encountered for the delivery, then additional charges may be incurred. 

Cancellations, Exchanges; Failed Deliveries:

  • For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees equivalent to that incurred in the original order (Timber orders also incur a 75% charge of the initial order value).
  • In the unlikely event that we're unable to complete the scheduled delivery due to access restrictions or a non-secure delivery location, the customer is responsible for the restocking and redelivery fees. If the delivery can't be rescheduled, then no refund is available.
  • If your Timber is faulty, please email photo evidence over within 24 hours for review.
  • All returns or exchange requests need communicating to us via email or telephone within 3-working days to be considered (faulty, or not).
  • If your order arrives incorrect (missing items etc.), this also needs communicating to us via email or telephone within 3-working days to be considered (faulty, or not).

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board Specifications

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board Specifications

Size – Thickness: 50mm
Finish – Smooth/Rockface: Smooth

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board FAQ's

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board FAQ's

What are Concrete Gravel Boards?

A concrete gravel board is a piece of concrete that goes under your fence panels and sits on top of the ground beneath to protect your fence against wet soil, debris, and insect damage.

Preventing the build up of moisture and therefore premature rotting of your fencing panels, concrete gravel boards are intended to extend the lifespan of your fencing.

By installing concrete gravel boards, you are opting to increase the durability and longevity of your fence panels, saving yourself time and money in the future.

Where are Concrete Gravel Boards Used?

A fence panel isn’t complete without a sturdy concrete gravel boards, its considered essential when installing a new fence in your garden to attach a good quality concrete gravel boards.

Installing concrete gravel boards will increase the durability of your fence. So, although they come at an extra cost, they’ll save you money in the long run.

By closing any unsightly gaps at the bottom of your fence, concrete gravel boards also help create a neater and more aesthetic look, while ensuring complete privacy too.

Our range of concrete gravel boards includes various widths, heights, and finishes; something to suit every fence!

Types of Gravel Boards

There are three different types of gravel boards, which are wooden, concrete and composite.

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board Sizes

Our range of concrete gravel boards includes various widths, heights, and finishes; something to suit every fence!

The smooth and rock-faced concrete gravel boards slide neatly into the grooves of our slotted concrete posts, whilst the longer 3m boards, fit perfectly with our recessed posts.

Cheap Concrete Gravel Board Prices

Recognised as a major supplier of all types of DIY and Landscaping products, the Mick George Group offer cheap concrete gravel board prices across its entire range.

Buy Concrete Gravel Board Online

Customers can buy concrete gravel boards online, 24-7 at their convenience, viewing exactly what they want, retrieving all the information they need and have the concrete gravel boards delivered quickly.

Recessed Concrete Gravel Board Suppliers

As with all of our Landscaping supplies, our concrete gravel boards are only sourced from approved Concrete Batching Plants, ensuring the best possible quality. Our concrete gravel boards meet the highest Grade specifications.


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