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Clear Decking Stain

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Product Information

Product Information

Clear Decking Stain

All our Decking Stain is tested to give your decking extra long life. This water proofing stain can also be used to colour and protect hardwood and softwood furniture – even your summerhouse and garden sheds.

Our decking stain is available in sturdy 2.5 litre tins.

Do not apply any type of wood stain to freshly treated or newly laid decking as it may have trouble bonding to the timber. You should let new decking weather for at least 3 months before applying any colour or stain, allowing the preservative in the pressure treatment to fix and not react with any top coat.

It complies with EN71-3 relating to child toy safety. It is recommended that 2 coats are applied. Apply the second coat between 2 and 4 hours after the first or as soon as the first coat is touch dry.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

This product is typically delivered within 7-15 working days* (estimate only). 

You will receive a notification within 24hrs of delivery. All our Timber range products will be delivered by 3rd party vehicles. 

Kerbside delivery applies as standard, but we will typically try to deliver to your front garden or driveway – We will leave the product in a safe location adjacent to the main roadway, but off of any public highways.  

 Within our core delivery areas, the delivery charges are below.

  • Spend up to £120 inc. vat on our Timber range for a delivery fee of £29.99.
  • Spend over £120 inc. vat on our Timber range for a reduced delivery fee of £9.99
  • Spend over £200 inc. vat on our Timber range for FREE delivery!

Outside of our core delivery areas the following delivery charges apply. 

Zone 1: £35 inc. vat 

Zone 2: £45 inc. vat 

For more information on our delivery charges and zonal areas, please visit our Timber Delivery Information. 

Regional delivery restrictions apply, check our postcode checker to confirm availability.

**If a delivery scheduled is to a gated community, this will need to be communicated to us in advance and access provided. Where restricted access applies, if waiting times are encountered for the delivery, then additional charges may be incurred. 

Cancellations, Exchanges; Failed Deliveries:

  • For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees equivalent to that incurred in the original order (Timber orders also incur a 75% charge of the initial order value).
  • In the unlikely event that we're unable to complete the scheduled delivery due to access restrictions or a non-secure delivery location, the customer is responsible for the restocking and redelivery fees. If the delivery can't be rescheduled, then no refund is available.
  • If your Timber is faulty, please email photo evidence over within 24 hours for review.
  • All returns or exchange requests need communicating to us via email or telephone within 3-working days to be considered (faulty, or not).
  • If your order arrives incorrect (missing items etc.), this also needs communicating to us via email or telephone within 3-working days to be considered (faulty, or not).

Clear Decking Stain Specifications

Clear Decking Stain Specifications

Volume of Container: 2.5l
Average Coverage per Litre: 10m²


Ensure that wood to be stained is clean, dry and free from traces of dust, dirt or any other surface contaminants.

  • Exterior wood should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water, detergent and a stiff brush
  • Previous treatments including paints and varnishes should be fully removed
  • Treat areas affected by mould, mildew or algae with a suitable mould and mildew cleaner
  • Allow timber to fully dry
  • Fill any gaps or splits in the wood with a suitable wood filler
  • If required, use a suitable wood preserver before application.


Always do a test area before starting any project to assess product suitability and final finish. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the container at all times.

  • Mix thoroughly before and periodically during use
  • Apply two coats of  decking stain by pump-up garden sprayer, brush or roller
  • Allow 3 hours between coats
  • Do not apply in temperatures below 5°C
  • Do not apply to damp, wet or frozen timber
  • Do not apply if wet weather is expected within 48 hours


Regular Cleaning

  • Smooth wooden surfaces can be wiped down with a damp, lint-free cloth on a regular basis. A dedicated decking cleaner can be used as and when required.


  • To maintain the finish and its protective qualities, simply apply a single coat of decking stain as and when required.

Clear Decking Stain FAQ's

Clear Decking Stain FAQ's

What is Clear Paint for decking?

Paint for decking adds a semi-transparent coating that penetrates the wood to provide colour whilst also allowing features of the wood, such as colour and grain effects, to remain visible.

Although there are dedicated paint for decking products, there are also many wood oils, waxes, varnishes and preservatives that both treat and colour interior and exterior wood.

Paint for decking can come in various different colours including Oak, Mahogany and Teak.

Paint for decking will ensure your wood maintains its natural beauty.

Where is Clear Paint for Decking Used?

Paint for decking is used to enrich the look of wood, bringing out the natural grain and adding depth and colour. It can also offer certain protections as a result of the colouring and absorption of the stain deep into the wood.

Oak is generally the best wood for painting because it has large pores that take stains easily. Cedar is also well known for its ability to take paint well. Other woods that take paint easily include chestnut, hickory, and Ashwood.

We stock a fantastic range of water resistant paint for decking, fencing and garden buildings.

How long does Paint for Decking last?

When applied to wood, paint for decking can last up to 3-5 years on wood due to the effects of sunlight.

Paint for decking can be kept for 1 year if the cans have been opened, but unopened cans will last 2 – 3 yrs.

Popular Paint for Decking Colours

Just like any aspect of home decoration or interior design, paint for decking colours come and go in popularity depending on what’s currently in style.

For example, dark stained oak tends to come across as very 80s and it is more in style right now to use a lighter more neutral stain for oak.

Cheap Paint for Decking Prices

Recognised as a major supplier of all types of DIY and Timber products, the Mick George Group offer cheap paint for decking prices across its entire range.

Buy Paint for Decking Online

Customers can also buy paint for decking online, 24-7 at their convenience, viewing exactly what they want, retrieving all the information they need and have the paint for decking delivered quickly.

Clear Paint for Decking Suppliers

As with all of our Timber supplies, our paint for decking is only sourced from approved Paint Distributors throughout the world, ensuring the best possible quality. Our paint for decking meets the highest Grade specifications.

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