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Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles – Sawn Edges 6 Sides – 20cm x 10cm Packs

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Product Information

Product Information

Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles – Sawn Edges 6 Sides – 20cm x 10cm Packs

Raj Green Sandstone Cobbles have a beautiful blend of earthy colours ranging from brown, to green, to grey, to even shades of purples, offering a subtle colour palette with a traditional feel.

You can get the feel of Yorkstone at a fraction of the price.

Our Raj Green Cobbles have gone through an extra process where the stones have been calibrated to the same thickness, and then smoothed on all sides. This makes them perfect for a contemporary space.

Raj green cobbles are the perfect choice to match with a huge variety of patios.

Stone Cobbles and Setts are a very versatile. If you are paving an area with flags or paving stones, you can use stone cobbles as an edging. Alternatively, cobbles and setts are perfect for use in driveways, either as an edging or for the entirety of the driveway. The cobbles are incredibly durable and can take a lot of pressure so are perfect for this use.

This cobbles have been split by hand which is a perfect medium between a rustic and contemporary look. The edges are rough, but still fall in straight lines so remain easy to lay.

Cobbles coverage area:

20cm x 10cm cobble = 0.02m2

As with all natural materials, our Paving supply may be subject to minor chipping, this is not to considered to be a fault or defect.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Delivery charges are applied in 1 tonne increments.

Each 100 units of the 20cm x 10cm cobbles equates to 125kg – therefore 400 units (6m2) of the 20cm x 10cm cobbles will incur one delivery charge. Any additional paving products within your order will increase the delivery charge incrementally.

Delivery Charges:

Delivery will occur within 7 working days of order.*

Zone 1 delivery charge – £35

Zone 2 delivery charge – £54

To see more information on delivery, zones and charges click here.

Failed Deliveries

In the unlikely event that we’re unable to complete the scheduled delivery due to access restrictions or a non-secure delivery location (front garden / driveway), you may have the option for redelivery subject to customer approval and additional delivery charges. If the delivery can’t be rescheduled, then no refund is available.

To avoid any delivery issues to a secure location at the front of the property, we strongly advise someone being present to receive the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply, as explained above.

Deliveries will only be made to the address selected for shipping at the point of order, and cannot be changed on receipt of the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply.

For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees equivalent to that incurred in the original order, plus a 15% charge of the initial order value, for restocking.

Returns will only be accepted in full, partial orders will be declined.

As a natural product, there is a 10% breakage tolerance on all orders before being eligible for return.



  • Edges: The edges are all sawn and smooth so are easy to lay in straight lines. The surface is also sawn and smooth which gives a clean contemporary finish.
  • Thickness: These slabs are all calibrated to 30mm thick. This means they are much easier to lay whilst keeping level.
  • Surface Finish: The edges are all polished smooth including the surface of the cobble itself.
  • Colour Palette: A blend of earthy colours such as browns & greens with the occasional grey.

Raj Green Cobbles & Setts FAQ's

Raj Green Cobbles & Setts FAQ's

What is a Cobble?

Cobbles, in the sense that we sell them, are small 10x10cm or 20x10cm blocks of stone that are thicker than paving slabs. In general, they are used as edging for patio’s or or driveways, but they also look good when used over a larger area.

What is a Sett?

A sett is an alternative name for a cobble. They are often used interchangeably but in our case, we normally refer to them as cobbles.

How is a cobble typically used?

Cobbles are an incredibly versatile type of stone. Due to their small size and relative thickness, they are suitable for driveways, large patio areas or as a special feature within a patio. However, most commonly they are used to edge a finished patio or driveway to make the project look fully finished.

Do patios need a cobbled edge?

They do not. Cobbles serve no constructional purpose when used as edgings, so there is no requirement to edge a new patio with a cobbled border, however the majority of people prefer an edged finished. As with a lot of elements of landscaping, this is all personal preference.

Are cobbles suitable for driveways?

Yes. The most important element of a driveway is the foundation and thickness of your material. Cobbles are small and thick in comparison to paving slabs, so the weight of a car is well spread over multiple cobbles, with very little chance of the product failing. Cobbled driveways are increasingly popular.

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