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Kota Blue Limestone – 2.85m Circle Kit

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Product Information

Product Information

Kota Blue Limestone Paving – 2.85m Circle Kit

Kota Blue limestone is a fantastic choice of stone for any area and is considered by many, one of the most attractive colours available.

The natural shade of Kota Blue limestone is a subtle shade somewhere between grey and blue.

Over time, the colour mellows out and slowly starts to feel wonderfully traditional.

The surface of the limestone is ‘naturally smooth’, so there is no need to worry about excessive flaking, or rough/sharp patches of the stone occurring.

The surface finish of limestone is much smoother than what is typically found on the regular sandstones. Whilst not sawn smooth, the surface of limestone is naturally quite smooth – we would describe this an ‘orange peel’ texture, consisting of a small, irregular pitting across the surface.

The slabs are cut to fit together in a perfect circle surrounding a round centre piece and can be squared-off using regular paving slabs. These kits are easy to use and, with a little effort, can create a wonderful effect and give a patio area a really stylish feel without distracting from the eye.

As with all natural materials, our Paving supply may be subject to minor chipping, this is not to considered to be a fault or defect.

Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Each circle kit will incur one full delivery charge as each circle fills an entire palette.


Delivery Charges:

Delivery will occur within 7 working days of order.*

Zone 1 delivery charge – £35

Zone 2 delivery charge – £54

To see more information on delivery, zones and charges click here.


Failed Deliveries

In the unlikely event that we’re unable to complete the scheduled delivery due to access restrictions or a non-secure delivery location (front garden / driveway), you may have the option for redelivery subject to customer approval and additional delivery charges. If the delivery can’t be rescheduled, then no refund is available.

To avoid any delivery issues to a secure location at the front of the property, we strongly advise someone being present to receive the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply, as explained above.

Deliveries will only be made to the address selected for shipping at the point of order, and cannot be changed on receipt of the delivery, otherwise additional charges may apply.

For any orders that are returned (unless deemed faulty), the customer is liable for the return shipping fees equivalent to that incurred in the original order, plus a 15% charge of the initial order value, for restocking.

Returns will only be accepted in full, partial orders will be declined.

As a natural product, there is a 10% breakage tolerance on all orders before being eligible for return.



  • Product: A full circle kit which creates a three ring circle measuring 2.85m in diameter – 1 QTY purchased is one full circle kit.
  • Size: 1 Round Centre Piece | 3 Sizes of Slabs to Produce Three Separate Outer Rings | 2.85m Diameter (Dependant On Joint Size)
  • Edges: The edges are all hand-dressed. This makes for edges that have a classic feel, but still sit nicely side-by-side.
  • Surface Finish: The surface is a naturally smooth surface, but with a light pitting.
  • Thickness: Easy-lay 22mm calibrated slabs, these are much easier to lay whilst keeping level.
  • Colour Palette: One consistent shade somewhere between grey and blue.

Kota Blue Limestone Paving FAQs

Kota Blue Limestone Paving FAQs

What is Kota Blue Limestone Paving?

Blue limestone is arguably one of the most unique stones on the market.

It’s a colour most people don’t realise occurs naturally in the ground, and as a result can be an impressive show piece for someone’s garden.

The deep Blue Limestone paving slabs are an amazing choice if you are looking to create a contemporary garden with a truly standout feature.

Kota Blue Limestone Paving Benefits

Limestone is structurally sound and long lasting but as it ages, the colours soften to a more subtle colour palette helping to create a calm environment over the course of years.

Where to use Kota Blue Limestone Paving

Using this stone provides a blue foundation that will contrast with almost any other element you choose to use in your garden, so it really helps the whole space explode to life.

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