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White Rock Salt De-Icing Grit

From £6.00Per Bag (Add Postcode & Increase Volume for Lower Prices)
From £7.20Per Bag (Add Postcode & Increase Volume for Lower Prices)

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  • Mix & Match different Aggregate Products
  • Ideal for DIY Landscaping
  • Easy to manoeuvre

Product Information

Product Information

Our white rock salt is a bit less messy than traditional brown rock salt and is preferred by schools and hospitals.  2mm – 6mm particle size and safe for use in spreaders.

Our small bags are around 25kg and the perfect option if you want a small quantity or if you have access issues and need to take a non-wheelbarrow friendly route to where it’s needed, like over a fence or through the house!

*25kg Small Bags equate to 0.025 Tonnes

Minimum Order x 10 Small Bags (you can mix and match small bag products from this category, to fulfil the minimum order quantity).

Price per unit will alter dependent on the volume of Small Bags ordered.



* This is a natural material and not