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Peterborough United FC : Bowling Challenge

After a solid start for Andrew Hughes in the Mick George Sports Challenge, that saw him gain an early lead following the Golf encounter, attention swiftly turns to the second trial.

Despite a sterling effort from forward Danny Lloyd which saw him come a close runner-up after an exciting play-off, the same can’t be said for full-back Gwion Edwards, who we can safely say will be glad to see the back of the Golf Course in favour of a new venue.

This time around, the players credentials will be tested on the Bowling alley.

Once again, it was another competitive meeting, but this time around there wasn’t quite the clear gulf in class between the trio of players.

Already ahead, Andrew Hughes approached the challenge with an air of relaxation, while forward, Danny Lloyd was his usual confident self, freshly on the back of his FA Cup hat-trick, and full-back, Gwion Edwards brought a certain degree of class’ to the party, with his ‘spinning’ technique, or as the players referred – ‘swaz’. I’m not sure that’s the technical term?!

Two of the three players recorded scores in excess of one-hundred, while the other came up just shy, but who was crowned POSH Kingpin? Can Andrew Hughes extend his lead, can Danny Lloyd go one better than previously or can Gwion Edwards redeem himself after his previous display?

Find out by clicking here to watch the video.

peterborough united fc bowling

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’We’ve changed the format of the series a little this year, and already it appears to be paying dividends. Not only are the players enjoying the competition more, but the 1,500 views on youtube from the initial encounter indicates that the Clubs’ fans are also engaging with the content.’’


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