Inevitably it will improve accessibility, linking various areas of the garden, but its ability to cover large areas with relative ease, means your decision will subsequently affect the general atmosphere of the landscape.

Mick George Ltd supply an extensive range of Marshalls Paving products, that include a variety of Garden, Driveway, Path, Walling, Kerb and Edging options.

Whether you're looking to landscape your garden to achieve a traditional, contemporary, or modern design, every angle is covered. A whole array of colour choices are available, in natural, textured, rustic or smooth finishes, with an abundance of the popular Limestone, Sandstone and Porcelain paving slabs to choose from. 

Enhance your garden and make traveling through your outdoor space a joy to your eyes and feet with our range of tactile, specially selected paving. Whether you’re looking to create a beautiful new driveway or create a space in the garden which you can enjoy with friends and family, we’ve got you covered with our vast range of Marshalls paving products.

Kerb and edging can provide that perfect finishing touch to an intricately construct patio or driveway. Our range of path paving stone can help you to make the most out of the space you have – easily able to move about your garden with pleasure year-round.

Whether you’re hoping for a classic, modern or experimental style, our collection of paving is sure to meet your needs. Choose from paving type, size and colour, and arrive at the ideal paving solution for your needs.

Looking for an alternate way of putting a beautiful garden under your feet? Discover our range of decking.

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  1. Tegula Kerb Edging
    Tegula Kerb Edging

    Tegula Kerb is designed to be used with Drivesett Tegula or other rustic Driveway Designs.

    £286.42 £238.68 per Pack
  2. Drivesett Kerb Edging
    Drivesett Kerb Edging

    Drivesett Kerbs can be used to make steps, edge restraints an

    £519.98 £433.32 per Pack
  3. Drivesett Savanna Block Paving
    Drivesett Savanna Block Paving

    Drivesett Savanna block paving has a smooth finish which is ideal for driveways, patios, edging and pathways. The three sizes allow for a number of possible laying patterns

    £289.99 £241.66 per Pack
  4. Driveline Metro
    Driveline Metro

    Distinctive streamlined shape gives Metro driveways a smart contemporary look.

    £345.98 £288.32 per Pack
  5. Cobblestone Riven Setts
    Cobblestone Riven Setts

    Marshalls Cobblestone Setts can be used to easily create a stunning pathway.

    £427.74 £356.45 per Pack
  6. Pavesys Paving System Circle
    Pavesys Paving System Circle

    Pavesys Circles create a distinctive focal point for your garden project.

    £174.37 £145.31 per Pack
  7. Drivesys Roundtop Driveway Edging
    Drivesys Roundtop Driveway Edging

    Drivesys Roundtop Driveway Edging

    The perfect edge restraint for all the Drivesys & Pavesys ranges. Use with Drivesys Original Cobble, Drivesys Split Stone, Drivesys Riven Stone and Pavesys Heritage.

    Special Price £625.93 £521.61 per Pack Was £695.48 £579.57 per Pack
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