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PAS 402 Accreditation

Following a recent report, the importance of construction materials sourced from the sea is highlighted.

PAS 402 Accreditation Award

Since the start of April, Landfill gate fees have been increasing across the UK, as site operators implement a rise in landfill tax and associated disposal charges.

Hit by large rises in fuel costs, exacerbated by the ending of the red diesel concession for the waste sector, experts predict that the landfill tax price could increase from 10-20%.

Despite the aforementioned, Mick George Recycling have been successful in diverting 96% of our waste from Landfill and have concurrently been awarded with the renewal of its PAS 402 accreditation.

PAS 402 certification provides waste contractors and clients, assurance that waste is being managed by an approved company who are dedicated to protecting the environment. PAS 402 requires a waste resource management organisation to report how it conducts its waste management activities, landfill diversion and material recovery rates. The Green Compass Scheme verifies this data.

The Mick George Group has led the independent Waste Management sector for over 40 years. Our broad range of services cover every aspect of collection, recycling and disposal of waste generated by industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

Our preferred approach of landfill diversion, through tailored waste management segregation processes makes us the region’s number one. Get in touch with an expert today.

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