PAS 402:2013

PAS 402:2013 provides a specification for performance reporting that can be adopted by waste management organisations. The certification provides a strong indication of the environmental credentials of a business, demonstrating proficiency in material recovery for prospective and existing clients, as well as more general best practice in quality, policies and relevant health and safety matters.

PAS 402:2013 is applicable to waste management organisations that process construction, industrial, commercial or household waste at a transfer station, treatment facility or disposal site.

Mick George Ltd’s waste division service a large portfolio of public and private clients including many large construction companies. In response to client demand and in keeping with their aim to continually improve their service, the business set out to achieve PAS 402 certification early in 2017.

Following the required two-day audit to validate reported landfill diversion data, conducted by an independent UKAS accredited inspection body, Mick George Ltd were awarded PAS 402:2013 certification in February 2018.

The company currently transfers, treats, recovers and disposes of all the waste types relevant to the certification across 26 operational locations and plan to increase this number in the coming years. As a result, the organisation has become the largest company, based on waste throughput, to have achieved certification to date.

This achievement should not be overlooked, especially considering that Mick George Ltd is becoming an increasingly recognised brand in the construction industry which produces waste types containing certain commodities that historically have been difficult to process.

PAS 402:2013 recognises forward thinking businesses in the waste management sector and positively reflects on those holding the accreditation, with BuildUK members and Local Authorities just some of the groups’ supporting the scheme.

pas 402:2013

They said:

Neil Johnson, Technical Waste Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’100 million tonnes of Construction waste is accumulated each year, with significant amounts – up to 30%, ending up in landfill. For Mick George Ltd to be able demonstrate significant diversion rates through the scheme, highlights not only the company’s efforts and investment in improving service levels for our clients, but on a wider scale, contributing towards improving the state of the environment.''

Johnson continues: ‘’The growing number of high-profile organisations utilising Mick George Ltd for their waste management requirements is a testament to the quality of service we provide but the company will undoubtedly benefit further having achieved PAS 402 certification.”