F.C Parsons Drove

Without exception, everything at F.C Parsons Drove is rosy at present.

The first team currently occupy top spot in the Peterborough and District League Division One table, but perhaps of more significance is the major facility upgrades that have recently taken place to ensure the long-term sustainability of the entire Club.

The Clubs existing amenity at Main Road, Parson Drove, Wisbech is suitable to host Step 5 and 6 standard football matches, however, after a £91,500 investment, the location is now adequate to hold matches at a higher level.

Local construction business Mick George Ltd donated £47,000 towards the many new features which include; a 100-person grandstand, pitch protection netting, shelter and dugouts, perimeter hard-standing and fencing, as well as an improved play area for visitors.

Already the upgrades seem to be paying dividends. Not only has the Club seen an uplift in spectators attending home fixtures but they’ve also managed to increase the general involvement and engagement levels of the local community. This has been specifically prevalent with the nearby youths’ who are now involved in a much more positive manner than the controversial association that was previously held.

The changes arrive as the Club nears its 100th anniversary and will be welcomed news to the residents who through consultation showed overwhelming support for the refurbishment.

The enhancements aren’t due to stop there. Plans are also being formulated to improve the car park, expand the pavilion and create an indoor facility to engage a more diverse audience, that will consequently monetise the venue longer term.

FC Parsons Drove

They said:

Gary Steven Haime, Chairman at F.C Parsons Drove said: ‘’The transformation will be huge for the future of our football club, enabling us to move to a semi-professional standard, bringing high profile games back to the area. The amenity is a focal point to the local community, so we’re very grateful to Mick George Ltd for their contribution.’’

Jon Stump, Joint CEO at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’F.C Parsons Drove seem to be a Club that is moving forward and keen to develop. That is something that our business would always advocate, so anything we can do to assist would always be welcomed.’’