Project Facts

Service: Remediation
Project: Residential Development
Location: Papworth Everard, Cambridgeshire
Client: Dove Jeffery Homes
Value: £62,000
Papworth Everard Remediation
Papworth Everard Remediation
Papworth Everard Remediation
Papworth Everard Remediation

The Project:

Mick George Ltd has been appointed to complete Remediation works by Dove Jeffery Homes.

Dove Jeffery Homes are creating a new residential development consisting of 53 dwellings, within the village of Papworth Everard. The site in question formerly contained a care home, a print works and garages; all of which have contributed to contamination on site.

Technical Scope:

Site investigations identified elevated concentrations of hazardous contaminants in the subsurface. Abestos, Hydrocarbon and heavy metal contamination all existed. Only one area on site required contamination removal below 600mm, where TPH concentrations presented soil vapour risk.

Contamination was restricted to 4 areas which are affected by different combinations of contamination. 

• Area A – TPH contaminated soils 
• Area B – Asbestos contaminated soils 
• Area C – Non-hazardous PAH and lead contaminated soils
• Area D – TPH contaminated soils and lead + zinc contaminated soils

Any contamination that was cause for concern has been entirely removed.



The reality of Brownfield site development is that ground contamination is more likely to exist. It can often incur costly and time consuming consequences but Mick George Ltd managed to prevent both of these issues when taking care of our Remediation requirements.
Bob Tilbury

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