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04.03.2016 - Over 51% of commercial vehicles speeding through local villages

Having recently progressed its ‘Commitment to Safer Roads’ initiative, Mick George Ltd has sponsored Community Road Watch in three local villages, Haddenham, Earith and Colne monitoring commercial vehicle movements.

The results from the visits have been staggering, if not a serious cause for concern. In total, four 1 hour sessions saw 192 commercial vehicles pass through the villages with over 51% breaching the speed limit. Of those in excess of the legal speed restrictions, an average speed of 36 mph was recorded, with some offenders as high as 53mph. Of the roads observed, the worst in relation to commercial vehicle traffic and highest average speeds was High Street, Bluntisham.

To further reduce the use and speed of commercial vehicles in villages, Mick George Ltd has enforced a voluntary speed limit of 20mph for their fleet through high risk areas as well as producing advisory 20mph signage to be installed prominently throughout one of the villages for all hauliers to adhere to. The business is hoping to extend the campaign in to more villages in and around the counties in which they operate.

Joe Gossage, Transport Manager at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The fact that 51% of commercial vehicles were recorded in excess of the speed limit highlights exactly why we’re driving this programme. Businesses have a responsibility to ensure the safety of local communities.”

Gossage continued: ‘’It was pleasing to see that the figures revealed Mick George Ltd complied with the legal speed restrictions, showing that a number of initiatives including the substantial investment we have made in brand new GPS tracking within the vehicles is making a difference. And lets not forget all the hard work that our drivers are putting in to help make the roads in our communities a safer place.’’


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