Oakham Angling Society: Canal Improvements

The Leicestershire based Oakham Canal which runs between Oakham and Melton Mowbray has benefitted from significant fishery and infrastructure improvements courtesy of local business Mick George Ltd, who recently donated £10,705 to the cause.

As would be expected of a 200-year-old location that has limited funding access, the site has in recent times shown signs of dilapidation and as such has prompted Oakham Angling Society to take action in addressing some of the more emphatic issues.

Developments can be witnessed in multiple locations.

Starting with the canal itself. Keen to encourage diversity, additional fish stocks have been added. New species of Tench, Bream, Perch and Rudd compliment the predominant presence of Carp and Roach that already exists.

Outside of the water, a series of other enhancements include new fishing platforms, canal bank’ preservation measures, towpath restoration and increased car-parking spaces, for which the changes are sure to boost the appeal of this Coarse Angling destination.

It is anticipated that the recent advancements will attract some 6,000 people each year to the location, made up of anglers, ramblers and dog walkers.

Wildlife enthusiasts have already profited from prior developments at the site, with the emergence of various new habitats, including water voles, bat and hedgehog nesting, kingfishers, otters and a pair of breeding swans.

Further restoration works are already planned that will further increase the accessible fishing area that the canal offers.

oakham angling society

They said:

Gary Berridge, Oakham Angling Society said: ‘’The grant from Mick George Ltd has helped tremendously to improve the facilities and fishing at the Oakham Canal. With these improvements, membership is likely to grow which will ensure that Oakham Angling Society has a sustainable future.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’This isn’t the first Angling project that we have supported, having been involved with a similar initiative at Rothwell and Desborough Angling Club in Northamptonshire. We’ve witnessed the positive feedback from that investment and I’m sure it will be the same in this instance.’’

Stump continued: ‘’Our presence in the Leicestershire market is increasingly growing and we’re glad that more and more community groups are now coming forward from the region for financial assistance on worthy projects.’’