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11.08.2016 - Northampton school banks £1,000 with futuristic creation

Whist it may appear that ‘Pokemon Go’ is taking over the world, youngsters at Bridgewater Primary  School, Northampton, have created their very own futuristic friends that are set to challenge the latest craze.

Recently, local business Mick George Ltd in its drive to educate children on recycling, set youngsters in schools throughout its operating areas of Peterborough, Cambridge, Northampton and Boston the task of producing a ‘Recycle.Bot’ out of recyclable materials. They were asked to provide a name for their Robot and also details of any superpowers it posses to help the environment.

After an overwhelming response, which saw in excess of 300 applications the eventual winner for Northampton was ‘Buzzing to save the Environment’ which was created by Madison, Eden, Reanne and Ruby, of Bridgewater Primary School. Its special powers included the ability to ‘fly using his cape, utilising a special weapon that sucks up and recycles any litter it comes across’.

The winning school wins £1,000 and a Meccano Programmable Robot (worth over £100), with the pupils involved in producing the Robot each taking home a Playmobil Recycling Truck, and a trip for their entire class to attend the launch of Mick George’s new Recycling Plant at St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, to see exactly what happens to their waste.

Alison Harvey, Headteacher at Bridgewater Primary School said: ‘’The Eco Warrior team were delighted to win first prize in the competition. They have been working hard all year to recycle materials, keep the environment tidy and save energy by spreading the word around the school and the community. We were thrilled with our generous prizes and have put the mecanno in our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) room where all the school can have an opportunity to learn with it.’’

The initiative was aimed at providing youngsters with a better understanding of the impact that waste has on the environment, encouraging them to reduce, re-use and recycle for a greener future.

Stuart Costello, Head of Marketing at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Everyday we see various stories related to the state of the environment, now and in the future. As with many of our initiatives we’re continuously engaging with local schools to help educate on important matters that will influence children forever, such as our ‘Safer Roads’ campaign. The Recycle.Bots was no different.’’

Costello continued: ‘’The idea was to add a little creativity to the competition to incentivise the children to get involved but also help with other areas of the curriculum’’.


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