Northampton Gymnastics Academy

The ever-popular offering from Northampton Gymnastics Academy (NGA) has increased following the groups decision to relocate to new premises, as the organisation aims to address the current capacity issues and extensive waiting list which now surpasses 100 people.

Having operated from Benham Sports Arena, Moulton Park for many years, the move to 10 North Portway Close, Round Spinney Industrial Estate is a significant one.

The new location has recently benefitted from a major £30,000 grant from local construction specialists Mick George Ltd, to facilitate the instalment of a brand-new ‘multi-use spring floor’.

The ‘spring floor’ isn’t something that NGA has previously been able to offer. Subsequently, it is anticipated to vastly improve every aspect of Gymnastics teaching and participation for all Club members and visitors who attend one of the many sessions available from NGA.

Despite the Club being in existence for over 30 years, it is only the last three years that the popularity of its offering has really been recognised, owing largely to the quality, variety and enjoyment of Gymnastics services provided. The recent changes are expected to see a 25% annual uplift on participant numbers served by Northampton Gymnastics Academy.

The audience beneficiaries will be wide ranging, with soft-play, pre-school, beginner, youth and adult classes all carried out on the new platform.

In addition, weekly sessions for 60 teenagers and young adults will be held for freestyle sessions that look to boost flip and trick abilities, as well as the more advanced squad members who compete at national level that make use of the enhanced space to further develop their skills.

northampton gymnastics academy

They said:

James Kikta, Director of Northampton Gymnastic Academy said: ‘’We have received nothing but positive feedback in respect of the new spring floor, which is the centrepiece of the gym. The generous grant from Mick George Ltd has made a significant difference to the quality and volume of Gymnastics that we can deliver. All our dreams have come true.’’

Stuart Costello, Marketing Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’While we are actively involved in many sporting partnerships, it has been a while since we have engaged in one that incorporates a traditional gym environment. Increasingly we have seen the emergence of outdoor gym locations but clearly by the subscription for the service offered on this occasion, there is very much still a requirement for this type of amenity.’’

Costello continued: ‘’We’re extremely pleased to be involved and hope that those using the facility enjoy for generations to come.’’