New Website Launch

We live in an evolving world that is encapsulated by the technology that surrounds each and every one of us daily. Like it, or loathe it, there’s no getting away from it. The ability to access online content has changed the way we live, with research indicating that the average adult spends up to 9 hours a day crawling the internet, a period longer than most people sleep per day.

Commercially, this is music to the ears of savvy business operators who embrace the advancements. It allows organisations yet another channel to connect with a greater audience, but also provides an opportunity to do so, in a much more dynamic and targeted way than ever before.

Nowhere is that more apparent than at local business Mick George Ltd who appear to be ‘moving with the times’ at a quite staggering rate, and as a result are consequently reaping the rewards in terms of substantial growth and financial gain.

new website

What's it all about:

It only seems like yesterday that the company launched a new website, but just 18 months on and they’re at it again, and this time it seems things have been scaled to new heights. Featuring an abundance of new elements, the website is not only attractive on the eye, but equally as you delve a little deeper, it provides so many more positives in the sense of range, navigation, and the ability to showcase the breadth of services that Mick George Ltd now offer to residential, trade and commercial sectors.

Beyond all of that, the convenience element takes center stage. Fully optimsed to support smartphone, tablet and desktop devices, means that information and shopping is available anywhere, anytime, in an optimal format.

What hasn’t been taken in to account, is that this has all been delivered from what is traditionally recognised as a ‘construction’ brand. However, although the undoubted quality that shines through in that particular division is present, it’s the company’s more recent retail’ addition where users will benefit most.

The websites E-Commerce functionality allows users to purchase online, an extensive range of Skip Hire, Concrete, Building Materials, Commercial Waste Services, as well as Home and Garden products with relative ease. Various payment mechanisms are an option, including Finance Credit or Paypal, as are delivery preferences, with next-day home delivery or click and collect’ available.

The attention to detail and quality that has been paid to creating this site, subsequently makes the investment all the more worthwhile.

When you look at statistics of UK consumer behavior relating to all of the above, it’s of little surprise such an innovative thinking business has taken such steps. Some of the headline annual UK figures include; £114bn of online sales, web sales account for 15% of all retail sales, 77% of the 92% online users have made a purchase, and the average spend per person is in excess of £1,200.

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’The new website is a much closer reflection of our brand. We recognise that our audience is constantly evolving and so is the environment in which we operate, it is important for us to adopt an innovative approach and invest in all of our advertising platforms to remain at the forefront of the industry”.