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Networx: Sales Agents

In a dynamic and evolving world, flexibility is an increasingly critical attribute required to succeed and enjoy life to its maximum potential. Regardless of status, whether that be as individuals, commercial business operators or any other, it is a characteristic many, if not all of us would like to possess.

Historically, pressure would be exerted to achieve ‘stability’ in our lives, predominantly through scaremongering or fear of the unknown. Nowhere would that be more apparent than in employment, which generally restrict people to specific working routines, dictated by the career routes in which they embarked.

However, in the 21st Century, one of the common phrases we here about is a ‘work-life balance’, and recent employment figures suggest that such desirability’s are now being realised. Of the 31.8million people in work thoughout the UK, 8.55million are in part-time employment, a figure that has risen by 86,000 from the previous year.

That said, if there were more opportunities for people to work around other commitments while remaining in the financial position of strength, then these statistics are likely to drastically increase.

The reality is, there isn’t. Consequently, people are forced to ‘stick’ as is or start their own business’s, which naturally drives them in to a venture constrained to the skillsets and industry background of prior employment.

Local business Mick George Ltd are challenging that model, and are offering a ‘fresh-start’ to those seeking flexible working.

The growth of the Company has been well documented, and subsequently the firm has added to its traditional ‘Sales’ functions with a new ‘Networx’ programme, an exciting initiative for self-starters or existing businesses looking to expand, utilising an affiliate type scheme.

Networx is for everyone, from homeworkers and students, to established sales agents and retailers. It puts you in control, offering open working hours and an attractive commission structure with an earning potential from £50 to £5,000 a week.

The sheer volume of services and products that Mick George Ltd now offer, makes the opportunity that little bit more appealing. From Skip Hire to Concrete, Commercial or Residential Bin Collection, right through to Vehicle Leasing, Facilities Management and beyond, the possibilities are endless.

The organisation is looking for individuals and businesses to join the innovative new sales agent concept. If you are interested, please click here.

networx sales agents

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Whilst our business has clearly defined strategic plans that we’re working towards longer term, we have always been advocates of flexibility, which has often allowed us to deviate a little but has most definitely contributed to the strong position we now find ourselves.’’

Stump commented: ‘’We recognise that the stereotyped 9-5 working day is not for everyone, and that there are many talented people seeking flexible working. Each of which will have different end-goals in terms of what they’re looking to achieve. That’s the beauty of the ‘Networx’ programme. By definition, people or businesses can get out of it what they wish.‘’


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