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Nene Park Nature Development

Just nine months on, and the development at Nene Park, the popular visitor attraction in Peterborough is nearing completion, with positive results.

Back in October 2016, following a significant cash injection of £18,000 from local company Mick George Ltd, the amenity set out on its ‘Meadows and Martins’ initiative to effectively increase the number of sightings and breeding’s, of diverse species and plantations on-site.

The site which is commonly known for its range of relaxation and recreation opportunities in a wide variety of landscapes, realigned its strategy in 2009 with a revitalised 2020 vision. The group are seeking to actively implement gradual change focused on Landscape, Community, Recreation and Promotion, to make the facility a more exciting, special and welcoming destination.

The project has been three-fold, concentrating on specific intertwined regions that have combined for the greater-good.

Initially, specialist ‘Amazone Cut & Collect’ equipment was purchased to allow for maintenance of the increased grassland and meadows, subsequently benefiting the growth of new wildflowers.

More recently, together with volunteers, an extension to the Sand Martin bank of nest boxes was installed, doubling the total number of chambers the already exists. The location is hoping to replicate the results of its 2014 trial in the forthcoming months, whereby in excess of 60 rare fledglings were witnessed.

Finally, over the last couple of weeks a camera has been fitted into the back of one of the nest boxes so that live footage can be captured and transmitted to the Visitor Centre to educate visitors and allow conservation monitoring.

nene park nature development

They said:

Adrian Oates, Head of Fundraising at Nene Park Trust said: ‘’Previously the nest boxes have been full of Sand Martins so we are confident the new features will be put to good use. Our Sand Martins will certainly enjoy feeding over the improved wildflower meadows. All this work wouldn’t have been possible without the kind contribution from the Mick George Community Fund, for which we extend our gratitude.’’

Jon Stump, Finance Director of Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’Nene Park has a rich heritage in the local region, one which we’re pleased to be involved in, with a view to preserving. The south of the Peterborough is undergoing major developments, which will consequently attract a larger and new population to the City, for which attractions such as Nene Park will be a vital factor.’’

Stump continued: ‘’The Charity should be congratulated on its pro-activity to enhance the facilities in a strategic manner with the local community as the main focal-point. Given that the park is self-funded, it relies on support from likeminded businesses like ourselves which we’re always keen to support.’’


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