My Local Bargains

Rarely, in fact never, does the opportunity arise for Companies to market themselves for free.

Well, that’s all about to change with the introduction of a new online ‘marketplace’ dedicated to organisations in East Anglia. The concept has been derived by Mick George Ltd who are doing their part to ‘champion local business’.

Traditionally, the ‘marketplace’ works on a commission structure, where advertisers ‘pay per acquisition’, reducing the risk for businesses in outlaying finances on Marketing that may or may not have the desired results.

Nonetheless, the issue still remains of diluting profitability from already tight margins, which is subsequently threatening the existence of many local operators.

But this is where ‘My Local Bargains’ differs. They have removed any associated cost with the service, while bringing together a multitude of prospective customers all in buying mode. The other significant area of difference, is the concentration on the ‘regional’ aspect.

Everything else remains as you would expect from the ‘marketplace’ mantra. It is effectively the middleman’ for businesses to endorse special offers, to customers who have subscribed to be updated daily on the best deals available in many genres, food, health, retail, events, and leisure to name but a few.

For those questioning the opportunity being granted, they’re advised to examine the familiar Groupon’ brand, for whom the model is most notoriously exploited, among others.

The organisation boasts some incredible figures, with 49.1 million unique buyers in the last twelve months, 83 million email subscribers and over 164 million people having downloaded the mobile application for the product, across 28 separate countries, which just reveals the potential of the scheme.

Historically, businesses would have always been inclined to promote themselves in a ‘solus’ fashion, whereby they’re positioned in isolation as the sole provider of a given specialisation, subsequently removing any purchasing decision from the buyer.

However, in a changing world in which the volume of advertising channels is growing and accessibility is improving, the commercial world is a lot more competitive. Traditional Economics would imply that organisations could market their operations at a cheaper cost, due to increased marketing routes.

Yet for many, that simply isn’t the case, with digital, newspaper, radio or tv advertising remaining out of the question, all are urged to get involved with the new initiative. Simply visit the facebook or Twitter page and start promoting your business for free, immediately.

my local bargains

They said:

Alex Broughton, Digital Business Development Manager commented: ‘’Our business is very much built on local foundations and we’re keen to assist other commercial outfits succeed, regardless of size or discipline. As far as we’re concerned, a thriving business community in East Anglia can only be good for everyone connected.’’

Broughton continued: ‘’Having invested significant amounts in to different marketing channels, and built our own e-commerce site, we have witnessed first-hand the benefits connected with such platforms.’’