Moulton Girl Guide - Heating

Back in 2015, ‘Moulton Guide Hall’ following the receipt of a successful grant application to the value of £12,500 managed to install Solar Panels to the roof of its Hall facilities, helping the group achieve ‘greener energy’.

Unfortunately, the group’ has been unable to reap the full benefits of the ‘free’ power being generated, to reduce the groups’ operating costs, as the internal fixtures, which are particularly costly to run, do not sufficiently match the new external additions.

Luckily, the group’ was fruitful with a follow-up request to the ‘Mick George Community Fund’, and has subsequently received a further £5,925 to fit heat dispersing apparatus throughout the building.

The existing storage heaters and temporary, portable warmers that were sporadically positioned accordingly within the premises have been replaced with modern Electric Radiators and Infra-Red wall heaters.

Formerly, the inadequate heating system used excessive electricity to heat the location, as the system required additional time to warm up prior to actual use of the Hall’. The technological advancements, allow this to be pre-set for efficiency purposes.

It is anticipated that the changes will allow the Girl Guides to develop the provisions it already offers, with offerings such as ‘sleepovers’ now a feasible option. This will subsequently enhance the appeal to prospective new ‘Guides’ from in and around the expanding village.

moulton girl guide heating

They said:

Jon Stump, Finance Director at Mick George Ltd commented: ‘’As ever, it’s always nice to see the positive feedback once the funds have been utilised. As with all walks of life, ‘utility’ bills are somewhat of an inconvenience, and probably not a main concern for entertainment groups such as the Guide Group, especially being a volunteer led initiative.’’

Stump continued: The reality is that the heating system is an important function of the groups facilities, and now that it’s in a more functional state, the group can enjoy their surroundings, and spend any other income on more enjoyable elements.’’