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Montracon Tri Axel Trailer and Hiab Moffett M5 Waste Handler

As recycling shifts from a fashionable buzzword to a mandatory task set out by regulatory or legal bodies, commercial organisations are increasingly engaged in concerted efforts to improve internal waste management processes.

Recognising such evolution, Mick George Ltd with over 35 years’ experience in the sector, has recently introduced a Commodities’ division, which essentially assists business operators that are producing large volumes of valuable waste paper, cardboard and plastic, gain a financial return through recycling mechanisms.

The process is focused on streamlining waste solutions for clients, by offering a fully licensed brokerage service for buying and selling suitable recyclable materials before negotiating the best market price directly with buyers.

Simplistically, it may just be a case of collecting loose waste and segregating at one of Mick George’s state-of-the-art waste recycling centres. Alternatively, the business is prepared to take a more comprehensive route, by issuing compactors and balers directly on to a client’s premises.

commodities moffett


One of the more common stumbling blocks in relation to the latter is the sheer logistics around handling and transferring the compacted bales of recyclables. That said, now, more than ever, there are smarter ways of dealing with such challenges and the recent addition to the fleet of equipment possessed by Mick George Ltd is further evidence of that.

The company has introduced two new Montracon Tri Axel Trailers and a Hiab Moffett M5 Waste Handler, which subsequently support the Commodities’ division, by improving efficiencies, in parallel to other environmental advantages.

In brief, the Moffett is a fork-lift like system that mounts directly to a trailer and has revolutionised distribution around the world. The principle benefits that arise from the Moffett are two-fold, predominantly centered on the ability to collect more capacity, in less time.

In real terms, given the attachment to the rear of a truck, it doesn’t encroach on valuable load space. Equally, the driver can disengage the facility in under 60 seconds and set to work on loading, or unloading cargo without the need for assistance from a client. Moreover, its ergonomic design overcomes any terrain or accessibility issues.

Another reason for the Moffett’s popularity is largely down to its versatility. Regardless of application, construction waste, hazardous waste or in this case, recyclable waste, the range of attachments available, will suffice, while removing the need for ‘pallet’ loading which consequently increases the capacity available to transport in one given movement.

All of which further enhances the attractiveness of the Commodities’ philosophy, clearly serving a financial and environmental benefit for commercial organisations, through material recovery and landfill diversion.


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