Forget moving - make the most of what you have by extending your house up, out or down...

Why move when you can improve? There are lots of reasons to extend, whether you want to create more space, add value to your home or just love your property even more.

The increasing cost and hassle of moving combined with uncertainty in the property market makes staying put an attractive prospect. Many properties have untapped potential, and renovations can unlock the true offering.

property extension installation
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An extension can be the perfect solution to all your issues:

* Additional Space
* More Storage
* Increased Property Value
* Great for Growing Families
* Cost Effective Property Growth
* Flexible Design
* Increased Social Space
* No Moving Costs or Disruption

Mick's Mates create great architect-designed extensions that are reasonably priced - something that you'll be sure to love, tailor-made to your exact desires and needs. 

Utilise the unused space surrounding your property for a new:

* Games Room
* Gym
* Master Bedroom
* Childs Playroom
* Study
* or just an extension to an existing room.

A typical property extension will conists of various disciplines which include Carpentry, Building Works, Insulation, Windows, Roof, Doors, Painting, Decorating, Plastering, Electrical and Flooring, as well as any other bespoke requirements you may wish to add.

Mick's Mates are offering 10% off, and will provide all the assistance you need in planning, designing, supplying and installing.

Book a Free No Obligation Quotation with a property audit at a time that is convenient to you.

When completing works in and around your home, sourcing quality products is challenging enough, but finding the right people to install them is another. Micks Mates did a fantastic job, keeping us in the loop at all stages.
property extension installation