Mick's Mates are Up, Up and Away

Mick Mates Conversion

Mick George Ltd, all things Skips, Concrete, Aggregates and big construction plant or equipment, or at least until last year where the dynamics changed and the business introduced its Home and Garden range, tapping further in to domestic markets outside of their familiar territories.

That venture was just the start of things to follow. October 2016, saw the launch of Mick’s Mates the installation service for residential and commercial premises, which brings together the use of local, accredited tradesmen from various disciplines.

And as with everything else associated with the company, things have taken off at a phenomenal speed, with the organisation firmly establishing its roots with associated works. Having already completed Electrical, Landscaping, Carpentry, Plastering and Carpentry tasks respectively, this week the first major development gets underway, representing a sign of things to come.

The quaint village of Warmington in East Northamptonshire is the setting for this major housing renovation, that will see the pictured bungalow which currently stands at a mere 76m2 coverage, transformed in to a desirable two storey building, offering an attractive 200m2 of family living space.

The main additions to the property are upstairs, where the new floor will host four bedrooms as well as a bathroom and ensuite, while at the downstairs rear, a living room and kitchen will be added, once the necessary proceeding drainage and foundations are installed. To supplement, some of the current internal walls are to be removed or repositioned, improving the flow of the existing house layout.

But while the building works take centre stage for this project, there are a host of other jobs being conducted. Most notably, these include a completely new pitched tiled roof, window glazing, boiler and heating systems, on top of a complete electrical re-wire and bathroom fitting, all of which will be completed by three local sub-contractors.

Although the project is the first of such a sizable nature, it isn’t likely to be the last. The fact that Mick’s Mates in its relative infancy managed to prize this project away from numerous other companies shows how the business is regarded within the market and marks their significant intent moving forward.

Wayne Penfold, Mechanical & Electrical Director at Mick George Ltd: ‘’Although we have landed a couple of notorious commercial locations for the service, like Peterborough Cathedral, to date the majority of residential works have been singular jobs with a focus on one specific task.’’

Penfold continued: ‘’This project is a nice one for us to get our teeth in to. It has required involvement at all levels, from planning, building regulations and structural reports, right through to design and installation. The project is scheduled to finish in the Summer, and I’m sure everyone is eagerly awaiting the outcome.’’

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